House Rules & Cancellation Policy

We love our cabin, and want all of our guests to as well. So please, follow our basic rules to ensure that all our guests after you have the same wonderful experience.

We strongly encourage and highly recommend you purchase trip insurance. Please see our cancellation policy. 

No smoking of any kind inside or outside (includes vaping - also GA is not 420 friendly, so neither are we). We are in a very secluded, wooded area and any fire (other than the fire pit) has potential to do great harm.

No pets. Although we love our dogs and others, not all of our guests do. So we want to make sure everyone is comfortable. Also, we're on a mountain with all sorts of critters. Bears, coyotes, foxes, bobcats, great horned owls, hawks, get the idea.

Please be mindful of our neighbors. Even though there aren't many, we like them and they like us - so please keep noise to a minimum at night. Plus, the quieter it is the better chance to see some of our amazing wildlife!

Maximum occupancy is 9 - that's adults, kids, infants - 9 total. If you plan on having daytime visitors, we can discuss that before you book - send us a message with your request. Our insurance and septic limit us to 9 people.

Only flush toilet paper! (well, and the #1 and #2) Even if your product says flushable or septic friendly - they aren't! (We've checked with our plumber and septic peeps - they said no). We have signs as reminders. 

We have wifi - but it's limited (we are in the mountains - on a private road). You can watch Netflix or Disney+ on one our smart tvs - but you didn't book Copper Ridge to watch tv! Get out on one of the decks and enjoy the mountain!

We have two cameras installed. Both are outside -  one by the front door (video doorbell), one by the side entrance to kitchen. Please be respectful of any locked doors - they are locked for your protection (furnace, water heater) and to keep things out of your way (staff cleaning supplies, etc).

We won't ask for much when you leave - put any used towels and bedding in the laundry room (the floor is fine) and any dirty dishes in the dishwasher (pop in a tab and press start). 

Please put full trash bags outside in the trash box. Remember, we have critters - and they all know when trash is out.

We require a $500 deposit hold (on booking credit card) no later than 2 days prior to arrival and will be released 7 days after departure provided house rules were followed and no damages were incurred. Pets at the cabin will result in automatic forfeiture of the entire damage deposit.